AMPT Management Team


Phil and Angela Casavant are founders and core members of AMPT Running Company. At any given time, there may be as many as 100+ team members and volunteers helping to ensure a seamless AMPT experience. Team members are carefully selected to match the AMPT core values. Phil and Angela can usually be found running a road race when not producing one!

Site Manager

David Lang has been involved in event production since 2014. His experience in race management gives him the knowledge and skills to effectively manage a race on and off the course. David is responsible for the management of all aspects of the event site before, during, and after the race, including site set-up and tear-down of lighting, music, entertainment, registration, awards, refreshments, and the start and finish line. David is a US Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of Texas A&M where he studied Electrical Engineering. He thrives on building meaningful relationships with our runners and partners. His focus is on making the runner experience both personal and meaningful.

Site Security and Manager

BLUE blood runs deep in Josh Kulwicki as he grew up in a family of law enforcement and is a 16-year veteran police officer. He has been married for 15 years and is the father of three girls. Josh joined the AMPT Team in 2019 and has been instrumental in ensuring site security. He is also responsible for the management of the site, including site set-up and tear-down of sound, lighting, music, entertainment, registration, awards, refreshments, and the start and finish line. Josh’s passion to help others and serve his community as a police officer perfectly aligns with the AMPT mission and what we stand for.

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers are critical to the success of a race. Every year hundreds of volunteers in our community give their time to support AMPT events. Bobbi Grimes-Davis manages AMPT’s community outreach efforts and volunteer program. A runner herself, Bobbi has participated in dozens of short and long distance races. She has been volunteering for years and feels a deep connection with the running community. She is an Accountant/Auditor by day, and is no stranger to marshaling the troops in support of special causes. From coordinating and supervising corporate events, to planning and executing small assemblies, Bobbi makes the perfect volunteer liaison for AMPT. When she is not running or volunteering, you can find Bobbi teaching karate to children and adults.

Social Media & Blogger

Ashley Morrison is a seasoned athlete and has been running for 18 years. What started as a “resume booster” has now become a true passion. Ashley has completed 3 marathons, 12 half marathons, and numerous short-distance events. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, RRCA Certified Running Coach, and the Youth Market Director for the American Heart Association. Ashley is a fitness leader in the Dallas community and serves as President of Dallas Kappa Delta Alumnae Chapter. Her professional experience as a blogger and her ability to generate engaging, original content serves her well as a member of AMPT’s social media team.

Lead Ambassador

Ramon Golen manages AMPT’s Ambassador Program. An avid runner himself, Ramon has participated in dozens of short and long distance races including mud runs and obstacle course events. Along with his wife and daughters, Ramon and his family have been volunteering in the run community for many years. Running has allowed him to establish relationship with people who share his passion for the sport and his passion to stay physically fit. Ramon is detail-focused and always possesses a “can do” attitude. In fact, his 2021 goal is to complete the Marine Corps Marathon with his wife, Ellie.

Sponsorship & Exhibitor Manager

Ashley Kulwicki has been a part of the AMPT Team for 3+ years. She is an experienced runner, educator, wife, and mother. Ashley manages AMPT’s relationships with partners, sponsors, and exhibitors to create the best strategy for each company given their philanthropic mission. She takes pride in building and maintaining relationships with brands and agencies large and small.  You can see Ashley’s passion for the community and the sport of running with every high-five and heartfelt thank you she gives AMPT participants at each event.

The AMPT Family

Phil and Angela have three children – Johnathon, Mason, and Tori.  Johnathon has gone on to pursue a career in the fire service to serve his community.  Mason and Tori have become active members in the AMPT business while they attend school.

We are a family driven by God’s presence and love! We believe that families who serve together grow together. Our family is committed to serving the community to make a difference in the lives of others.