2022 Ambassador Program


Interested in being a race ambassador for one of our races?

If you are ready for a fun marketing experience, and if you find joy in helping others reach their fitness goals, this is a great opportunity for you!  Whether you’re a runner or a walker, there are many perks to joining the ambassador program.  The AMPT team relies on word-of-mouth marketing as one way to spread the word about this race and the worthwhile cause that it supports. By using Ambassadors, we can reach a larger audience and encourage more people to participate and support the cause.

As an ambassador, you will be our number one-fans, our inspiration spreaders and local motivators.  No matter if you’re a daily runner, first time 5K’er or seasoned marathoner, we want to work with you.  In order to make this mutually wonderful for you and for the race, we do have some expectations of our race ambassadors.  In return you will be a part of a network of awesome running fans, get super cool race swag, and free race entries! You get out of the ambassador program what you put into it, so please be sure you have some time and energy to commit before you apply.

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Ambassador Perks

  • Team Camaraderie
  • A Complimentary Registration for the races you are an ambassador for, or a future AMPT event(s).
  • Official Ambassador tech shirt and/or tank
  • Discounts on all future 2022-2023 AMPT events
  • Your bio and photo on our website
  • Special swag and gifts
  • Feature blog on AMPT Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Invite to exclusive Ambassador Appreciation Events
  • A group of amazing ambassador runner friends with whom you can connect through social media, meet-up runs, and more!

Please note: Ambassadors do NOT receive financial compensation of any kind. This is strictly and purely a volunteer role, not employee, freelance or contractor. We do not subsidize travel or training expenses or issue payment of any kind.

Brand Ambassador Expectations

AMPT Brand Ambassadors support all AMPT events (in-person and virtual) and serve from approximately January 15 through November 30.

1. Towne Lake Ambassadors serve from Jan 15 through March 27.
2. Shoots and Ladders Ambassadors serve from March 28 through May 21.
3. Hot Trot Ambassadors serve from May 22 through August 20.
4. Murphy Ambassadors serve from August 21 through September 30.
5. Toyota Music Factory Ambassadors serve from October 1 through November 13.

  • Blogging, Instagram, Facebook shares and tweeting regularly (at least 3x per month) about upcoming race news from AMPT Running Company. Each week we will have various ideas for you to post and share, but be creative and have fun with this! Ambassadors are asked to use the event hashtags on their social media posts. We also want Ambassadors to lead, guide, motivate and inspire their friends and fellow runners!
  • Collateral distribution in your hometown where runners might go (like running stores, local races, etc., pretty much wherever you go). Ambassadors are asked to distribute flyers to a minimum of one local establishment (running store, nutrition store, fitness center, etc.) and at one local race/event in the DFW area. AMPT Running will provide the collateral for distribution.
  • Word-of-Mouth! Tell your friends, family, running groups, and co-workers about the race.
  • Wear your Ambassador apparel when participating in local races or at social runs. Our Ambassador apparel creates a great opportunity to share the race with others.
  • Participation in the Race Planning Feedback Forums and Surveys (you are our research team to help us better serve the running community!)
  • Race Week support at packet pickup AND/OR race day. Ambassadors must be available for a minimum 4-hour shift at packet pickup on packet pickup day or on race day.
  • BRAND Ambassadors are expected to meet the above requirements for all events in 2022.

Apply to Become a Brand or Race Ambassador!

We’re not looking for people that “have it all.” We’re looking for a variety of different folks- young, old, slow, fast, close to Dallas and far away. We want people that are broadcasting to different online channels and to their own local running groups. So just because you’re not on Instagram or Snapchat, or whatever the latest social platform is, doesn’t mean we don’t want you!

Fill out the form below to apply!
Application deadline:

– AMPT Brand Ambassador is January 15, 2022

    Personal Information


    Shirt Option
    Tech ShirtTank

    Shirt Size

    Birthday (Applicants must be 18 years or older)

    Social Media Information

    Race Questions

    Select which race(s) you wish to be an ambassador for. You may also choose to become an AMPT Ambassador where you will promote all races and the AMPT brand in general.

    Towne Lake Half Marathon, 10K & 5KHot Trot Half Marathon, 10K & 5KShoots and Ladders 10K & 5KVIRTUAL Murphy Half Marathon, 10K & 5KToyota Music Factory Half Marathon, 10K & 5KAMPT Ambassador

    What competitor race(s) can you tag cars with AMPT race flyers? (Please pick a race in the DFW area that is not an AMPT race, nor a race that you will be participating in as a runner or a volunteer.)

    Ambassadors are required to distribute flyers at a minimum of one local event/race in DFW. Please list race or event name(s) and date(s).

    Have you been a race ambassador before?

    If yes, which race(s)?

    Are you currently an Ambassador for another race company? Or do you plan to be an Ambassador for another race company in 2022?

    If yes, which race(s) or race production company?

    If selected as an AMPT Race Ambassador, can you commit to posting on your social media platforms 3-4 times per month to market the AMPT race(s) you are supporting?

    Application Questions

    Why would you be a great ambassador?

    How do you inspire your local running community?

    How are you connected and involved with your local running community?