The AMPT Story

AMPT Running Company is a race production company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that designs, markets, manages, and produces 5+ running events a year in support of local charities and special causes. AMPT was established out of the dream of transforming a healthy, invigorating sport and hobby into a business that provides quality and memorable events for runners of all ages and abilities.

AMPT Running Company is excited to serve the running community and is committed to helping others in need. Our mission is to provide the highest quality race experience that cultivates joy, camaraderie, and an opportunity to achieve your personal best!

The AMPT team has a great relish for the eclectic running community and invites you to share in the AMPT experience.



The AMPT Team

Phil and Angela Casavant are founders and core members of AMPT Running Company. At any given time, there may be as many as 100+ team members and volunteers helping to ensure a seamless AMPT experience. Team members are carefully selected to match the AMPT core values. Phil and Angela can usually be found running a road race when not producing one!

Angela Casavant, President

Angela AMPT Running

Angela is the tireless, inspirational Founder of AMPT Running Company. Angela has 20+ years in project management and has been active in race production and logistics for 10 years. Angela’s experience as a Race Director has given her the knowledge to produce a quality event and memorable race experience. Angela has served in a wide variety of functions within race production, including site management, client and vendor relations, course operations, sponsorship, volunteers, and staffing to name a few. Angela holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s degree in Business Marketing.

Phil Casavant, Vice President

Phil is our co-founder and has been a police officer for the past 31 years. Phil has a new-found passion for the logistical part of the run production business and is instrumental in ensuring site and route security. Phil holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Security Management and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice.


The AMPT Name

The AMPT name is a unique one. Angela and Phil have three children; Mason, Tori and Johnathon. Johnathon has gone on to pursue a career in the fire service while Mason and Tori have become active members in the AMPT business while they attend school. The first letter of (M)ason and (T)ori’s names are represented in the company name along with (A)ngela and (P)hil’s.