2020 AMPT Pace Team

Meet Our 2020 Pace Team!

Want to give yourself an extra boost toward meeting your time goal on race day or just add some fun and entertainment to your race? Join a pace team, courtesy of our partners at Craig Ranch Running Club! There are wonderful benefits of running with a pace group. You’ll be supported by cheerful leaders and will be side by side with other runners sharing the same goal as you. The CRRC Pacers are a wonderful group of diverse individuals who volunteer their time to help you maintain a steady pace and achieve your finish time goal.  Although pacing is a huge responsibility, the CRRC pacers truly enjoy giving back to the running community and take their mission of consistent pacing seriously. Many of our pacers have paced year after year.

The CRRC Pace Team promises to provide fun and excitement for both first time, and experienced half-marathoners looking to reach their running goals – whether that’s a personal best, or just getting across the finish line. If you run with a Pacer please send feedback to customerservice@amptrunning.com.  We’d love to hear from you!

Alana Finley


I started running half marathons in 2011, and it’s my favorite race distance. I’ve taken some time off from running last year to have my first child. (Sadly, running didn’t work for me during the second half of my pregnancy.) Now I’m really enjoying being more active again! I’m hoping we’ll have great weather throughout the spring so that I can introduce my little one to the joys of running and racing once he’s old enough to join me in a running stroller.

Amy Pickle-Ross


My name is Amy and I am pacing the 2:05 group.  I took a running class in college and, with the exception of a 5-6 year running hiatus to focus on having a family, I have been running ever since.  Running with various groups around DFW has allowed me to see other areas of the community and I am thankful for all the friendships I have made along the way.  AMPT puts on great races and I have truly enjoyed being a pacer.  Giving back to the running community by encouraging others to meet or exceed their goals is a privilege and tons of fun too!  Thanks to Rick Johnson, Craig Ranch Running Club has an incredible team of pacers that will not disappoint!

Ana Fernandez


My name is Ana Fernandez. I love and enjoy running especially in the warmer weather. I hope to motivate others just like I was motivated by friends. Any pacer will tell you we do this for fun and enjoy watching other active their goals.

Belinda Ponce


Belinda was raised in Fairview and currently residing in McKinney, Texas. She began fast walking and running 5 years ago with some friends from the gym. She began training in 2015, for her first half marathon, with Lifetime. Belinda currently runs with, MRC, Cooper, &  RunOn. Running has become her passion and keeps her busy most every day of the week.  Belinda loves to pace and to inspire others to run.  She enjoys encouraging others and reinforcing that they can “ACHIEVE” their goals. She has developed a lot of friends through running activities and is always looking for more. Belinda has completed several 5K, 10K, 15K, Half Marathons, 2 Marathon,  2 – 50K, & 2 – 50 mile races.

Bonita Rogers


I started running three years ago when a co-worker encouraged me to join her on a group run.  Running has allowed me to meet new friends who share my passion in addition to being a great stress reliever. I am looking forward to pacing the Murphy Half Marathon and thankful for the opportunity to assist others reach their goal of completing a half marathon under 3 hours.

Janice Couch


I will be the 2:00 pacer for Murphy Half Marathon. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your team!  The best part of pacing for me is seeing the smile on the runner crossing the finish line! That joy for them makes me so happy!

Joe Perez

Favorite Marathon: Big Sur. The scenery is so beautiful.  Never mind the fact that I was running barefoot the last mile but managed to put my shoes back on so I had a nice picture at the finish line.
Why do I run? I enjoy racing and the challenge to get you prepared to race and achieve new goals.
What do I enjoy about pacing?  Connecting with new runners and learning more about them…their goals, and their story.

Kylar Anderson


I started running in 2010, ran my first half marathon in 2012, have run several since and did most of my training solo. After having my son in 2016, I needed some work/life/fitness balance and found Craig Ranch Running Club in Feb 2017. I have really appreciated the friendship, motivation and accountability of this group of runners! Friends to chat with make the miles seem shorter and easier. Through this group, I was given the opportunity to start pacing and I love encouraging others to reach their goals!

LaVette Murphy


Bitten by the running bug in 2014, running has become an awesome stress reliever and mood lifter for me. Finding a “Running Family” taught me a lot about injury prevention, nutrition, the importance of cross training, etc. I have completed several races of various distances including a 3K Relay, a trail relay, several 5Ks thru 15Ks, over 40 half marathons and 3 Full Marathons. Running with groups has been key in my running growth and I am excited to share my passion and help others achieve their running goals.

Lynda Tilley


I’ve been running for most of my adult life and the half marathon is my favorite distance. I really enjoy pacing races and helping people attain their individual goals.

Mark Evans


Mark became an avid runner in 1977 when he was seduced by the July 4th Peachtree 10K in Atlanta, Georgia. Later that year he ran the White Rock Marathon, the first of several marathons he would run over the next 25 years, with a personal best of 2:58:58 at White Rock in 1978.  At age 30, Mark set a goal to run a marathon at age 70. Fast forward to 2016, a couple of health setbacks made that goal seem impossible. Spine surgery in 2003 for a nerve injury and surgery for cancer in 2013 led to a waistline that was incompatible with running.2016 was the year for a comeback at age 65. Mark signed up with the Real Appeal weight reduction program with a goal to lose 60 pounds over the next 52 weeks. At the beginning of the program, he adopted the mindset of a kid by purchasing a skateboard and a unicycle which he practiced riding daily. Over the next 12 months, the weight steadily declined until one day he realized that he was lean enough to run again. A two-mile run around the neighborhood park rekindled the old running addiction. He joined the Craig Ranch Running Club and since 2017, he has run several marathons and half marathons, including two runs of the Big Star Half Marathon. An age-70 marathon in year 2020 remains a goal.

Natanja Hunter


Never in a million years thought I would be a runner, but here I am!  My running goals are to enjoy running, not just endure it.  Fun fact about myself: I frequently play the air drums while running.  I can only imagine what that looks like!

Nichole O’Neal


Nichole O’Neal started running 2 1/2 years ago, and never looked back! She has completed 8 half marathons, and 1 marathon. She looks forward to helping runners achieve their goals!

Ray Liberatore


Ray ran cross country & track through high school and finished his first marathon during his sophomore year of college.  He moved to Texas in 2010 and joined the Frisco Running Club led by Hamlin Jones, who inspired him to seriously get back into running. Ray appreciates the gift of introducing family, friends and coworkers to the sport.  He serves on the non-profit board for the North Texas Trail Runners and enjoys challenging himself out on the trails.

Stefano Fiorini


Stefano is an avid runner that likes the outdoors. He has been running a few 50K Trail Ultras, several marathons and countless half marathons. After joining Craig Ranch Running club he has discovered the love for pacing as a way to give back to the running community. Stefano is married and has 2 daughters (11 and 12). The younger one, Stefania is also a dedicated runner, CRRC member and track athlete while the older one, Vittoria, has a passion for acting and theatre.